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Yury with wife Marina 1990

Yury with wife Marina
Yury with wife Marina

Yury Kazakov at Museum.
Instrument on top belonged to Ivan Kazakov, Yury´s father.
Instrument below, concert instrument belonged to Yury Kazakov.

Below: Marina Kazakov, vife of Yury Kazakov

Yury Kazakov

Yury and Marina Kazakov with Rostropovich. Photo from Kazakovs home.

Marina & Yury Kazakov

Marina & Yury


Announcement: Kazakov passes away on may 6 2019.






Yury Kazakov

Marina Kazakov

Yury Kazakov receives award from the hand of president
V. Putin on January 22, 2002

Yury with James Reevey

Yury and Rostropovich

Kazakov 1990

Jörgen Sundequist & Yury Kazakov scandinavian tour 1990

Marina Kazakov