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Ivan Kazakov (1899-1945)
Father of Yury Kazakov
Ivan Kazakov was born on dec. 3 1899 in Egorievsk (near Moscow). He started to play the accordion at the age of 10. In 1914 he graduated from school, and by that age he was already both into playing the accordion as well as being a chorister in the church choir.

His concertcareer started in 1918. He moved to Archangelsk in 1920 where he married to his vife. Sadly she died on march 12, 1926 (She was born april 16, 1900).

Moscow radio
Ivan Kazakov was a leading artist in the field of accordion in the northern part of Russia. He was often called "steel fingers" He was very successfull in his career. From 1935-1940 he frequently appeared in Moscow central radio, that was broadcasted all over Russia. His playing was described as sincere, emotional, soft.

He appeared in several radiostations, Archangelsk, Moscow, Leningrad. Also he performed with Archangelsk folk choir as well as Archangelsk Philharmonia.

Ivan Kazakov died on march 22, 1945 in Litva. He had a tour there with the concert brigade, to perform for the soldiers of the front.

Here follows some examples of pieces that Ivan Kazakov performed during his concerts:

There are only a few recordings of Ivan Kazakov preserved. You can listen to them here

IVAN KAZAKOV (d. 1945, father of Y. Kazakov) RUSSIAN FOLKTUNES NO 1

IVAN KAZAKOV (d. 1945, father of Y. Kazakov) RUSSIAN FOLKTUNES NO 2


Poster from Ivan Kazakovs tours.

Another photo of the legendary Ivan Kazakov