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Yury Kazakovs bayan
Text by Y. Kazakov

Three concertinstruments
I have had three concert bayan instruments. The first bayan I played from 1951-1961. The second one from 1961-1964 and the third one from 1964-.

Bayan no 1
Some facts about my first concert bayan:
Constructor Master Figanov worked on it for 18 months, it´s weight was 18 kilograms. The cost of that instrument was 18.000 rubles back in 1951 (appr. 25.000 us dollars). I have performed, giving concerts in 18 countries on that instrument. Altogheter I have played over 700 foreign concerts in over 30 countries.

Master Figanov has constructed all three of my concert bayan instruments. . He always managed to fullfill my wishes of the qualities of my new instruments.

Some technical data
The shifts on the treble side are placed behind the treble keyboard and the shifts on the basside are on the bass-lid.

Master Figanov and Mr. Kazakov (1951)