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The archive
The archive is inscriptions from previous versions of guestbooks hosted by our site. The guestbook is no longer in use, but here below You fill find inscriptions from it.

GUESTBOOK version 1
1998 - 2002

Peter Gretch Australia Domain
Hi! Great looking website, I love the original ideas.

Trespasser EpisodeSearch.com
Nice site, I'll visit here back soon! =) I really like a pages with good design. I discovered your's while seeking new outfits for some of my pages. I was also wondering if you could pay a visit to my site aswell: ( EpisodeSearch.com ) and perhaps adding it's link to your page? =)

Bosse Tunong
We have just been looking at your page and remember when you was in Munkfors in Sweden and played with Jörgen Sundeqvist. Best accordeonregards from Munkfors accordeon club.

Jim Vandelly
Dear Mr. Kazakov, I received one of your phonograph records about ten years ago and marvelled at your arrangement of Variations on a Ukrainian Theme, the "Cossack Rides." I have played piano accordion all my life, but learned to play the Russian bayan after listening to you play. I played your arrangement of the "Cossack Rides," with a few variations of my own, at the University of Wisconsin in December of 1999, and at the Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra's concert on May 13, 2000. You have been an inspiration to me for many years, and I will always consider you to be the standard to which all bayan players who wish to play authentic Russian/Ukrainian music aspire. I wish you good health and the happiness of knowing what a great contribution you have made to the appreciation of the bayan and to Russian folk music. Yours sincerely, Jim Vandelly Accordionist/Bayanist Washington Balalaika Society www.balalaika.org

Don Severs
You have done an excellent job and provided a tremendous service to the accordion community! Thank you for a valuable website.

Gary Blair
Wonderful to have found this site!! I am a big history buff on the Accordion and its past players. The name Yury Kazakov is certainly legendary to me along with the likes of Galla Rini, Nunzio, Dante, Toppano, Marcosignori who are all still with us. James Reavey is also alive and well ( he has recently had his Accordion repaired) and is living in and around Newcastle, England. As is Martin Lukins ( now in Australia) . I have a photo of James Reavey as a Twelve year old. I wish you all the Health and Happiness and it has been my pleasure to have heard you play. Kindest Regards

Steve Larios
I am teaching myself to play Bayan. I bought a three-row Bayan made in Tula while visiting Smolensk in 1992. I love the sound of the Bayan. It is so much more pure than the sound of an accordian. I will never be as great a player as you are, but I intend to have hours of pleasure playing. Congratulations on your great website!

Steve emanuele
08/Feb/2000:23:59:58 My son Emanuele (4 years old) like very much your music, and me too. At what age could Emanuele start playing accordeon? He is already taking some lessons at violin. Thank you Good bye

Webmaster Yury Kazakovs homepages
Thankyou very much to all of You who has visited the Yury Kazakov website. We wish You all a Happy New Year 2000 and all the best in the new Millenium.

Siv Fransson
Mr Kazakov, I congratulate you on your birthday, and I wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Ingmar Persson
Congrats on your birthday from a Swedish Viking living in California

Eric Johansson
Happy Birthday from America and the Scandinavian Accordion Club of New York!!

Erling Johanzon
You can take a look of our program in Oscarshamn Harmonica Festival on http://www.oskarshamn.se/ take a look under Turism

Erling Eva Karlsson
Happy Birthday to you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From Eva Karlsson Värnamo Sweden

JOHN MACDONALD John Macdonald Show
Yury,,Happy Birthday..congratulations.. From Sydney ...Australia

Erling Johanzon
Congratulation Mr. Kazakov . We like to se you and our festival " Oscarshamn Harmonica Festival " in 30 sep. 2000. Mary Christmas -&- Happy New Year . Erling Johanzon

Håkan Widar @ccordionscandinavia
Dear Mr. Kazakov! Congratulations on Your 75 year birthday, dec 24, 1999.

Henry Doktorski
Many of the people had never ever heard a classical music recital before; sometimes we performed in theaters, sometimes in auditoriums, and sometimes in barns!" Mr. Rostropovich concluded, "Yuri Kazakov was a brilliant bayanist, and he was extremely popular on the tour." Please accept my warm greetings and hearty congratulations, sir, on behalf of all classical free-reed aficionados from the United States. Sincerely, Henry Doktorski, founder The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. http://trfn.clpgh.org/free-reed

Henry Doktorski
I had the pleasure of performing with the great Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich in May 1996. We were both performing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in a piece by Lorin Maazel titled "Music for Violoncello and Orchestra." At the end of the work, there is a duet for cello and accordion which I enjoyed tremendously. When our rehearsal was finished, Mr. Rostropovich asked me, "Have you heard of Yury Kazakov?" I replied, "Certainly, the famous Russian bayanist." Mr. Rostropovich continued something like this: "Yury and I played for months together on a tour with a soprano. We did not go to the big cities like Moscow and Kiev, but we traveled to the hinterlands of Siberia, performing in small towns and villages.

Henry Doktorski The classical free-reed, Inc
Dear Sir, I have just visited your website and I am delighted to make a better aquaintance with your good self! Of course I have heard of your great accomplishments for the classical bayan and once I even listened to (and enjoyed tremendously!) a recording of your performance of the Chaikin concerto, but unfortunately I could not understand the record liner notes, as I read only English! Now, from visiting your website, I know more about you, and it is exciting to read about your exploits.

Massimo Marcer Tri Muzike
My name is Massimo and I'm a Trumpet player, but I love Bayan and your music. Ciao

Zoltan Racz Gypsy Strings
Wonderful home page for a wonderful player!

Michael R. Greenspan Jewish and Internation MIDI Page
Thank you for such a wonderful website on a master bayan musician. I have ordered both the CD and the book. The video was excellent as well and I wonder if it is possible to order a copy of the concert. Congratulations on such a wonderful site.

GUESTBOOK version 2

Saturday 07/12/2003 6:45:43am
Name: Ari haatainen
E-Mail: arihaatainen@hotmail.com
City/Country: sweden
Comments: Hallo, very good informations good summer to all acordion players, and mr kazakov.


Wednesday 09/17/2003 5:23:29am
Name: Matthew Dubas
E-Mail: D_U_B_A_S@hotmail.com
City/Country: USA
Comments: Slava Bayanist Kozakov!


Wednesday 01/19/2005 1:09:54am
Name: Joan G. Moyer
E-Mail: joan.moyer@bisys.com
City/Country: Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.
Comments: I have your very first LP - purchased in the 50s. I have since purchased your 2 CDs. I enjoy them very much.
Happy Birthday!


Thursday 04/28/2005 11:03:17am
Name: nicole gabet
E-Mail: ngabet@aol.com
City/Country: France
Comments: Thank you very much for your Music. It's a real dream to listen your CD.
In fact, the dream is reality :
The dream is the great nostalgy but now when I hear your bayan or the bayan of Bruno Maurice, I fell in my blood that the dream is reality and I am always very enjoy to listen the Heart of the Life across Bayan.


Monday 06/20/2005 2:01:58am
Name: Alex A. Karaczun
E-Mail: fooby1@rcn.com
City/Country: Whiting, Maine, 04691, USA
Comments: I enjoy Mr. Kazakov's music very much. Please keep me informed about further releases of his music on CD .
I would like to order the current album. However I do not use PayPal, or Western Union, given the current security problems. How else might I pay for the album?


Saturday 12/03/2005 10:01:49am
Name: Jef De Haes
E-Mail: eigenwijze_bosbok@hotmail.com
City/Country: Lier, Belgium
Comments: Hello,
Does anyone know where i can find the scores of the 1e accordionconcerto of N. Tschaikin, for accordion and orchestra? I have the scores for accordion and piano, but i can't find the scores anywhere. Thanks anyway


Friday 03/31/2006 12:21:56am
Name: Laurie A. Gomulka Palazzolo
Homepage: http://www.hornman-detroit.com
E-Mail: lauriepalazzolo@hotmail.com
City/Country: Farmington, Michigan/U.S.A.
Comments: To my friend Yuri,
Congratulations on your beautiful website. I enjoyed reading about your prestigious career, listening to your soundclips, and reading about your father's life and career. I will order both of your CD's and very much look forward to receiving them. You are one of the greatest masters, and I am honored to have made your acquaintance. I promise to write you soon.


Thursday 06/29/2006 9:09:15am
Name: Guilherme Alves Garcia
E-Mail: garciaga@brturbo.com
City/Country: Brasil
Comments: Parabéns por todo esse tempo dedicado à música e ao acordeon(bajan


Saturday 03/31/2007 7:03:12pm
Name: Dik Coates
E-Mail: dikcoates@alpha.to
City/Country: Winnipeg/Canada
Comments: I remember Mr. Kazakov's presentation from 30 years ago like it was yesterday. A skilled and gifter performer.


Saturday 04/19/2008 2:33:51pm
Name: Arno Vosk
E-Mail: avosk@ovalinternet.net
City/Country: Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA
Comments: I am very happy to have found your music on the internet. My father bought your recording that was issued in the U.S. 50 years ago, and it became worn out from playing. I will buy your CD, of course. Thank you.